From the album Surf Party


It goes on and on without the morals
With a burn of words
Until the laurels form
How did you get this far?

It's a fraud, a dodge, you modern marvel
Its' your fault, when you're caught,
It's hard to swallow down
The falling of the Czar

You're making a play,
Changing the odds by far
Turning around the clues, a twisted mind
A murder-suicide

A change in the blame, a Judas Iscariot
Burning the one that held your
Name so high
To win a distant prize

I know how you prey and
How far you will go
Won't you stop your belly aching
The wizard's curtain pulled

Ousted by the gang, never to return
I can't stop my belly aching
The righteous never won

I'm going away, goin' to the world outside
Gone in a whirl, it suddenly hits my mind
I ended with the prize