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  1. #dadlife

From the album Temple of the Squid


It's a draw, a fatal flaw
A pardon in the courtroom, got the gall
A dark horse in a locked stall,
Sleeping with a nightlight in the hall
Pain in the lumbar, Stand tall
Burn the fumes then hit you the wall
Take no heed to what you need
You picking battles with yourself
Until your body bleeds

Scream in the middle of the night
The spreadsheet does not add up right
My mind is twisted in the
'What was I thinking'
Hashtag - Dad Life
Better slow your body down

Role-play the whole day
Glitter in the coffee, sand tray
Gremlin on the rampage
Love the lovely little girl masquerade
Disregard my mayday
Tides of impediment wash away
Putting in time will make a family shine
Make you realize what life can be
So I say party time!

The moments cut you like a knife
Amidst frustration and the strife
Serenity appears. What was I thinking?
Hashtag - Dad Life