New EP coming early 2019! 


​​​​​​Temple of the Squid released August 2018!

Temple of the Squid is one truly unique world for listeners to explore.”

Billy Todde

Indie Band Guru

"Super Squid's Surf Party is an eclectic mix of all
that is good with experimental rock music."

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G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal
"It's diverse and adventurous music....often strange,
sometimes abrasive, but always interesting

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L. Cutler, MondoTunes
"Each track is its own journey with its own rules, and no
outside limitations
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Tom Chianti, Music Scene Investigators
- Podcast 138
"Quirky! I like the eerie melodies and the musicalities.


P. Clip, Microhard Daily
" It looks like you are trying to write a rock record.
Do you need help ? "
The vocals sound like Geoff Tate”

— Michael G. (street interview)

The album sounds like David Byrne. I like it!”

— George G. (street interview)

It sounds like bad 'Yes.' Well, if it's prog, it's always going to be bad 'Yes.' Maybe Supertramp? Just a good rock record!”

— Bernie K. (street interview)

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