Review by L. Cutler

November 14, 2012

Super Squid releases debut album, “Surf Party”

Experimental rock band defies conventions and boredom at the same time

Super Squid is one of those acts that’s hard to pin down. They don’t have a signature

sound, so much as a signature attitude. Occasionally melodic and ethereal, occasionally

hard-edged and gritty, the only consistent truth behind Super Squid is that they’re always

weird – and joyously so.

“Super Squid is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Scott J. Breaud and his wife

Carolyn Breaud. What started as a home project grew into a full production experimental rock

band. Born from boredom of cookie cutter bands, Super Squid is an attempt to bring back

musical purity. The band’s motto: no riff is off limits. Super Squid’s numerous musical styles

represent the eclectic tastes of the members. Drawing from 70’s prog to 80’s punk, from

Abba to Zappa, Super Squid settles into an approachable avant-garde rock.”

The opening salvo in their war against bland music is “Surf Party,” an album that, like the band,

defies easy categorization. The title track of the album, “Super Squid Surf Party” is airy, twinkling,

and vaguely mystical, as if the Go-Go’s and the Flaming Lips had a love child and fed it nothing

but tabs of X.

Hot on the heels of the shimmery sweetness of “Super Squid Surf Party” comes “Submersive War,”

a roiling, driven-by-madness rock song that shakes you out of your reverie in a hurry. That’s the

way “Surf Party” goes. Each track is its own journey – with its own rules, and no outside limitations

to what might spring from the minds of Super Squids’ creative geniuses.

Elements of Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Waits, and anything else that strikes their

fancy is all grist for their every-changing mill, creating a sonic tapestry that’s infinitely variable and

never predictable.

The band sums it up with just a few words:

“Forget the formats. Forget the formulas. Remember the fun. Remember the art.”

Lucky for us, that’s exactly what Super Squid has done.

- L. Cutler
Staff Writer

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